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A rich background in brand identity allows KFB Interiors to work seamlessly with established and new businesses translating corporate brands into exquisite environments. Whether a restaurant, shop or office, KFB look to design your space in a sumptuous, welcoming and brand reflecting way.

An interest in biophilia, human’s innate attraction and relationship to nature lead us towards employing Biophilic Design in our interiors. Biophilic design uses this concept to create a human-centered approach to improve the spaces that we live and work in, there are numerous benefits to health and well-being, particularly in the work-place.

According to a recent poll conducted by Future Workplace, the number-one desire of employees is not a cafeteria, fitness center, or on-site childcare; it is, simply, “access to natural light and views of the outdoors.” Nearly three-quarters of those polled said that such access improves their work satisfaction and work performance — and more than half (54%) said it increases their organizational commitment. Other studies have shown similar results, with one revealing that call center workers were 6%–12% faster when they had better views of the outdoors.

So in short, we approach any commercial interior in a forward-thinking and innovative way and aim to make them less predictable in their design approach an in turn better and healthier places for the people who use them.

Recent projects include interior office and reception design for 4 Moorgate, London. Interior design for the stunning double-height reception at Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London.

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